Win-win situation with all of our clients

Lovenfosse, founded in 1989 by Martin Lovenfosse, aims to market cut and uncut pork carcasses for the distribution sector, butchers and the meat processing industry.
From a few dozen pigs in 1990, Lovenfosse grew up to 2,000 pigs in 2011. The company experienced regular  a regular progress and specialised in boning, cutting and packing of fresh meat. These activities account for 60% of our total volume. The evolution and the 20 years of experience allowed Lovenfosse  to better estimate the current course.

Today our cutting room has a capacity of 10,000 pigs per week. Our production plants allows the process of  15,000 pigs per week and the pre-package department can process up to 75 tons per week.

In 2011, Westvlees joined our philosophy.
Lovenfosse has been a part of  Belgian Pork Group since September 2015. Our goal is to be present throughout Wallonia with a range of products that meet the market's demand for service and quality.

Lovenfosse has satisfied customers in the following sectors:

  • Large-scale distribution (purchasing centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets)
  • Retail and markets: butchers, caterers, etc.
  • Meat-processing industry
  • Wholesale (retail and catering), distributors, import and export companies